Web Workers

IT/Digital Marketing Manager

Vaca Exclusive
October 2016 - Present

Develop and manage digital marketing campaigns. Design, develop, and manage online brand and digital assets including websites and emails. Track conversion rates and continuously optimize website and marketing campaigns. Install and integrate sales and marketing support systems using REST APIs. Supervise social media strategist. Train sales staff to properly use software systems. Analyze data to effectively draw conclusions and optimize marketing processes. Internal newtwork/hardware/software troubleshooting and maintenance.

Tools: JIRA, Git, Bitbucket, Github, Google Apps, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, cPanel, NodeJS, Filezilla, Bash Shell, Visual Studio Code, Inkscape, GIMP 2, Solve360, Phone Burner, Tmax Dialer, Augutech Predictive Dialer, Vonage Business, Facebook, Add This

Languages/Libraries: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, AngularJS, LESS, NodeJS, W3.JS, JSON, XML, YAML, GulpJS, MySQL, AJAX

Public Project: Vaca Exclusive

Vaca Exclusive
Vaca Exclusive Agent Dashboard
Web App Agent Dashboard

Web Developer

America Insurance Group
July 2016 - April 2017

Plan, design, develop, create content, and maintain several public facing and in-house web projects to generate revenue and support sales teams. Utilize REST API to connect several different systems to improve process efficiency and data accuracy. Train sales agents to effectively use software systems.

Tools: JIRA, Git, Bitbucket, Github, Google Analytics, Google Cloud Platform, Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Console, Google App Engine SDK, Google Apps, cPanel, XAMPP, Filezilla, MySQL, Google Cloud SQL, Bash Shell, Sublime Text 3, Inkscape, GIMP 2, WordPress, Bower, Yeomen

Languages/Libraries: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, AngularJS, LESS, NodeJS, JSON, XML, YAML, GulpJS, MySQL, AJAX

Public Projects: 4 Minute Quote, Obamacare Advisor Group, Affordable Healthcare Act Signup, America Insurance Group

Project Manager/Web Developer

January 2014 - Present

Web development proposals, sales, negotiations, contract writing, pricing, marketing, design, development, outsourcing, and project management.

Current Clients: Jammers Party Bus, Superior Income Booster, La Lacquerie Studio (site under construction), Gleam & Shine, Infinite Signature Home Theatre Design (site under construction), Premiere Resorts International (site under construction)

Past Clients: Mathis & Sons, Rogue Runnerz, Orlando Concierge, Miss Hispana Internacional, PrMed Marketing

HTML Email Developer Intern

August 2013 - December 2013

Translate static Photoshop mock-ups into HTML/CSS emails using PHP templates. Write clean, easy to comprehend code. Concisely communicate ideas and suggestions and effectively bridge communication between design and development teams.

Tools: Sublime Text 2, GoTo Meeting, XAMPP, Adobe Photoshop

Languages/Libraries: XHTML, CSS, PHP


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